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We base our prices on the current value of the material plus the collectible value, if applicable.  To see current values, check the website.  


We will always tell you our buying price and our selling price.  Because values fluctuate, prices cannot be held or guarenteed until the time of purchase.  


If you're not sure where you want to bring your business, check on this article about how to choose an ethical coin dealer.  


We have been around more than 40 years, and there's a reason.  We treat customers with respect and offer fair prices in a no-pressure environment.  



Carlsbad Village Coins

Current Prices

Free Appraisals

We have prepared an easy guide to help you get ready for your appraisal and know whether you might have coins that are valuable.  Read through this popular resource, then call us to schedule a time.

(760) 434-6601

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