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Carlsbad Village Coins has been my place for shopping coins for at least the past 15 years. If I want an honest deal this is where I go.

Carl B.

Oceanside, Calif.


I love the folks at this shop!! It is also probably where I can find my husband if he is missing...... Always fair and always honest to a fault. My husband is the coin guy so I go in to find gifts for him and they are great helping me pick things out. For myself I go to find vintage jewelry and the like.I have referred several people to Carlsbad Village Coins and they have all been happy with their dealings.  Danny and the girls are wonderful!!!

Sean P.

Carlsbad, Calif.


I have bought dozens of gold coins over the past 10 years from Carlsbad Village Coins to add to my coin collection.  It's been a great investment and it's lots of fun.  The shop has always been a pleasure to visit and I highly recommend them to my friends.  I compare prices on line but I won't go anywhere else when I want to add more coins to my collection!

Patty P.

Fremont, Calif.


My dad has a very large collection of all sorts of coins and stamps.  My dad is in his 80s and inherited most of the collection from his dad.  The owner drove to my pops home so that he wouldn't get overwhelmed or lost getting to the shop.  My dad had the same experience as Danny R. wrote here in a review.  I like these guys because they took care of my  pop who could have been sooooo taken advantage of.  They are tops in my [coin] book!!

Kathryn T.

Pleasonton, Calif.


Having been referred to Carlsbad Village Coins from a very good friend of mine...he since has moved away :( ...I've been treated like family since day one! The owner and staff are completely up front and as honest as the day is long!!!  They are consistent, professional, kind, and there to help. I travel a few extra miles to get there. A coin store is less that half a mile away from where I live, yet I make and take the time to visit and purchase products from Village Coins! Go there. See for yourself. Trust's worth seeing their inventory...!

Robert B.

Encinitas, Calif.


If you're ever in downtown Carlsbad, stop in and say "Hi" to the team at Carlsbad Village Coins from me...Nancy P.  I've been a customer of theirs for years, and I appreciate and value their knowledge and recommendations.  If you are interested in bills and coins, stop in for a peak at their inventory and/or bring in your treasures for a pressure, just info and insight. and maybe a sell or a buy.  It's a fun hobby.  :)

Nancy B.

Oceanside, Calif.









Carlsbad Village Coins

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