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Carlsbad Village Coins

Preparing for Your Appraisal


We buy coins, both U.S. and foreign. Generally we do not charge to appraise small quantities or well-organized collections.  However, for large mixed lots we may charge a fee for our services.  To minimize or avoid paying this fee, we suggest you organize your coins as follows:

  • DO NOT polish or clean your coins.  This will devalue them.

  • DO NOT roll or wrap loose coins or seal in individual envelopes or other containers.  They will have to be removed for examination.

  • If coins are contained in albums, present them in this condition.

  • When presenting mint or proof sets, or other coins in holders, be sure to include the envelopes, boxes or other containers in which they were originally sold, along with all literature and certifications.  They may be of LESS VALUE without this material.

  • Remove the following loose circulated coins and spend or take to your bank.  They contain no precious metal nor have any collectable value.  UNCIRCULATED pieces should be presented for examination.

All Lincoln Centers dated 1959 or later.

All Jefferson Nickels except those listed below.

All Roosevelt Dimes dated 1965 or later.

All Washington Quarters dated 1965 or later.

All Kennedy Hal Dollars dated 1971 or later.

All Eisenhower and Susan B. Anthony Dollars.


  • Sort all foreign coins into a single lot, separate from U.S. coins, preferable in a plastic bag.

  • Sort all medals, tokens and other non-monetary pieces in a single lot, preferable in a plastic bag.

  • Sort the following U.S. coins into the designated lots for each type.  Coins from the Philadelphia Mint had no mint mark until 1942 through 1945 (nickel only) and starting in 1980 (all coins) with the letter “P.”


Fore tips and information about specific coins and years, download the handout at the top of this page.



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